I always hesitate to document what I use to power my site. Mostly because I constantly hack on it and iterate on the “platform.”

I have been hacking on my personal website since 1994 (Geocities RPRZNT). It has gone through many iterations, locations and technologies. From 1994’s html and cgi scripts to php and mysql and then back to static html (powered by an API). It has been quite a tour through web technology. The irony of starting with mostly static HTML and returning after twenty years back to static HTML isn’t lost on me.

I often use my website as a way to test new technology. With this in mind, I am constantly making things “better.”

Thanks to Aaron Salmon for the amazing new design (Apr 2018). You should hire him.

This is the technology that powers (Apr 2018):





The combination of SimpleDB, S3 and Lambda allow no servers to be harmed when building or hosting this website.

The ease of use of jeykyll allows for a simple, yet robust static site generator that allows me to do whatever I please.

Next Steps

The next step is to migrate from simpledb and lambda to firebase. I really like the new firestore. I would also love to move to hugo for static site generation. The only problem I have with hugo is that it currently doesn’t allow for single static pages without lot’s of work arounds.

Change log

Here is the git commit log for this iteration: